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1 2 9 10 3 12 7 11 1 4 2 5 3 6 Yeditepe University Rectorate Building Rectorate, Student Center, English Preparatory School, Corporate Communications, Administrative Offices, Knowledge Center Engineering Building Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Infirmary Computer and Information Technologies Building Faculty of Computer and Information Technologies, School of Applied Sciences Law Building Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Graduate School of Social Sciences Fine Arts Building Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, Graduate School of Educational Sciences Social Facilities Building Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Shopping Area, Bank, Restaurants, Indoor Basketball Court, Stationary, Bakery Campus Map

7 5 6 4 8 7 10 8 11 9 12 Female Hall of Residence Outdoor Sports Facilities (Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis Court) Greenhouse / Glass Dome Male Hall of Residence Football Pitch Main Entrance

“I leave no verse, no dogma, no stereotyped rules as my spiritual heritage. My spiritual heritage is science and reason. Those who follow me will confirm that in the face of the tough and fundamental difficulties that we have to overcome, we may not completely achieve the goals, but we will never make concessions, and take science and reason as our guides. Time is moving fast. Even the understanding of happiness and unhappiness of nations, societies and people is changing. In such a world, it would be denial of the development of reason and science to claim setting up never changing rules. It is obvious what I want to do for the Turkish Nation and what I try to achieve. Those who want to follow me, if they accept the guidance of reason and science on this fundamental axis, will become my spiritual heirs.” Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

Message from the Founding President Message from the Rector Why Yeditepe Research Centers R&D Laboratories and Units Commission for Supporting Research Projects and Scientific Activities Project Management Office Technology Transfer Office Lifelong Education Center Accreditations and Internationalization Sustainable Yeditepe International Office Directorate of Career Development and Alumni Relations School of Foreign Languages Social Facilities and Sports Center Student Halls of Residence Knowledge Center Preparatory School Canada Preparatory School Student Center Student Clubs Sports Teams Student Council Academic System Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Programs Graduate Programs Contents 9 11 12 17 20 22 23 24 26 30 32 34 36 43 46 47 48 50 51 54 56 58 60 61 62 356

Faculty of Architecture Architecture Industrial Design Interior Architecture Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Faculty of Arts and Sciences Anthropology English Language and Literature History Mathematics Philosophy Physics Psychology Russian Language and Literature (Russian) Sociology Translation Studies Turkish Language and Literature Faculty of Computer and Information Technology Sciences Information Security Technology Information Systems and Technologies Management Information Systems Software Development Faculty of Communication Advertising Design and Communication Journalism Public Relations and Publicity Radio, Television and Cinema Visual Communication Design Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Agricultural Trade and Management Business Administration E-Commerce Management Economics International Business Management (German) International Finance International Trade and Management Logistics Management Political Science and International Relations Political Science and International Relations (French) Public Administration Tourism Management Faculty of Education Elementary Mathematics Teaching English Language Teaching Guidance and Psychological Counselling Special Education Teaching Faculty of Engineering Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Food Engineering Genetics and Bioengineering Industrial Engineering Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Fine Arts Art and Cultural Management Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Graphic Design Plastic Arts and Painting Textile and Fashion Design Theatre Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Nutrition and Dietetics Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Faculty of Law Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Pharmacy School of Applied Sciences Vocational School Automotive Technologies Electronics Technology Internet and Network Technologies Mechatronics 62 64 68 72 76 242 244 248 252 256 260 264 268 272 276 280 80 82 86 90 94 98 102 106 110 114 118 122 126 128 132 136 140 174 176 180 184 188 192 196 200 204 208 212 216 220 224 226 230 234 238 144 146 150 154 158 162 166 284 286 290 294 298 302 306 310 312 316 320 324 330 338 344 346 348 350 352 354

The founding father and leader of the İSTEK family, which has been born out of respect, love and self-sacrifice, is Atatürk. His children follow in his footsteps. As our Great Leader also pointed out, education should be dedicated to raising generations with no impediments to their minds, consciences and wisdom. This was our aim in setting up İSTEK Foundation and Yeditepe University. In a rapidly evolving world, a good future is only possible with young generations making informed decisions, knowing themselves fully. One of the most critical of those decisions is the choice of an occupation and university. In today’s world, which is experiencing the “Age of Information” and where borders are starting to dissolve with globalization, there are two fundamental principles for institutions and nations to stay alive and succeed: gathering information and sharing it using communication technologies effectively. For the realization of these two principles, knowing English perfectly aside from a secondary foreign language is a necessity. The service industry has an increasingly large share in the GNP of developed countries. Thus, there are new, attractive business areas and opportunities in e-commerce, information technologies, communication, and healthcare technologies, as well as in the field of entrepreneurship, apart from classical education. In our university, it is our aim to raise our students with a contemporary approach and to equip them with all the necessary qualities for them to succeed in the constantly-evolving environment and business world. With this aim, we provide all the opportunities needed to our students, ranging from foreign language education to technological applications, education abroad to research and laboratory infrastructure, as well as up-to-date education with expert professionals from the world of business and academia. As İSTEK Foundation and Yeditepe University, since the day of our foundation, we have raised over 100 thousand young people that are self-confident and embracing the world with our constant vision and our educational opportunities. These young people, with their distinguished education, have become sought-after professionals all over the world and they will continue to be so. Bedrettin DALAN Founder and Honorary President of İSTEK Foundation and Yeditepe University 9

Dear Students, As Yeditepe University, for 27 years, with our distinguished academic staff, and in the light of Atatürk’s thought, we raise enquiring, innovative young generations that are equipped with all the necessary qualities that are needed in the world of business, that are familiar with technology, familiar with the global culture and that are self-confident. We develop your curiosity and teach you how to learn by presenting a training program covering all the competencies required by the age of communication and technology with our contemporary academic programs and practices. We know that making the right choices by knowing yourself is an important step towards a distinguished academic life and a good future. Our greatest goal is to guide you in achieving success by turning your dreams into reality in line with your goals. We believe that keeping scientific curiosity alive, asking the right questions and seeking answers with scientific methods will always take societies forward. As Yeditepe University, we aim to spread our studies to all segments of the society by making qualified and original contributions to science and following our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who advised us not to leave the light of science by saying “If one day my words contradict science, choose science”. We aim to demonstrate the unifying power of science to you and all stakeholders of the society in scientific research and technology production activities through UniversityPublic-Industry Collaborations on national and international platforms. In addition to our distinguished education, with our student clubs and sports teams, we support your social and cultural development, and enable you to be in contact with students from all over academia. Also, with over 400 Erasmus & Exchange agreements with 42 countries around the world, we aim our students to discover the innovations in the field of education, to enable them learn about new cultures and develop themselves as “world citizens”. As Yeditepe University, with our career events we organize for our students and alumni, we bring the world of business to our university. By engaging with the industry early on thanks to these meetings, our students get to know their industries while still being a student and get job opportunities. We have strived for our students and alumni to have a university life full of knowledge, opportunities and science for 27 years as Yeditepe University and we will continue to do so. Dear Students, Our sole purpose is to see the spark in your eyes, with our distinguished academics that set examples for their peers with their pioneering efforts... I would like to invite you to become a member of Yeditepe family, in order to move towards a better future. Remember, we will always be with you on this journey! Prof. Dr. Canan AYKUT BİNGÖL Rector, Yeditepe University 11

Founded in 1996 by the Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation (ISTEK), Yeditepe University aims to educate students who are inquisitive, innovative, well-equipped with technological skills and qualifications required in the business world, well-versed in world culture and have a solid identity in line with Ataturk’s principles and with the contribution of a pioneering and distinguished academic and administrative staff. With the academic and social opportunities within the campus, students are able to learn about themselves and their environment, have a free-thinking atmosphere, and create innovative ideas, moving towards new horizons. Yeditepe University provides a distinguished university life with its wide academic resources, opportunities for learning foreign languages, its alumni network that has been built up over 25 years, its professional collaborations and a great range of campus opportunities. 12 ? WHY UNIVERSITY

With its up-to-date academic programs and training, Yeditepe University offers an education compatible with the expectations of the information age and carries out its academic activities at 13 Faculties, namely Computer and Information Technologies, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts, Law, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Architecture, Engineering, Health Sciences, and Medicine, 2 Schools and 1 Vocational School, namely School of Foreign Languages, School of Applied Sciences and Vocational School, entailing 69 undergraduate and 4 associate degree programs. In addition, the university also offers 92 Master’s and 44 Doctoral programs in the Graduate Schools of Atatürk’s Principles and History of Revolution, Educational Sciences, Natural and Applied Sciences, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences. University – Industry Collaboration As a dynamic higher education institution that puts research and students as its main objective for providing quality education, Yeditepe University increases its scientific contributions for the society on a daily basis and aims to spread its activities to the community with its university – industry collaborations. Double Major, Minor and Dual Diploma Opportunities Providing education of all of its programs within a single campus, Yeditepe University provides its students with a wide range of Double Major and Minor education opportunities with its diverse agreements. Also, as a university that puts emphasis on international education, Yeditepe University has dual diploma agreements with leading universities throughout the world. Student Clubs and Sports Clubs Aside from academic efforts, with its 54 student clubs, with over 1000 events every year, and its 55 sports clubs active in 38 branches, it is our aim for our students to develop in social areas as well. About Yeditepe University 13

14 Yeditepe University offers education on the “26 Ağustos” campus that is designed to meet the requirements of students for education, culture, art, sports and a spectrum of various needs. The 26 Ağustos campus is located on the Asian side of Istanbul with its unique architectural design, on the skirts of the Kayışdağı hill, within an area of 125 thousand square meters, and a closed area of 223 thousand square meters. Yeditepe University has ranked first in Turkey with campus life offered to its students by the Turkey University Satisfaction Survey (TUMA) in 2018 and 2019 within the scope of “Campus Life and Satisfaction”. Voted first among private universities in Turkey in 2017 and 2018 by Green Metric, which is an international platform for sustainability and environmental awareness and determines the greenest universities in the world, Yeditepe University kept its place among the greenest universities on the list. Also, Yeditepe University is one of the few universities in Turkey that can produce its own energy with a solar energy system that is built on a roof in the campus, being the largest roof application facility in Istanbul; with a capacity of 1 MW. Award-Winning Environmentally Friendly Campus A GREEN CAMPUS IN THE HEART OF THE CITY

Conveniently located within Istanbul, our 26 Ağustos campus can be accessed via naval transportations, metro, buses and minibuses from centralized locations such as Kadıköy, Üsküdar, Bostancı, Maltepe and Taksim. Students can also use school shuttle buses. Within our 26 Ağustos campus, stretching over 125.000 m2, free ring services are provided between 08:00-23:00. In addition, free shuttle service is provided from our Kayışdağı campus to İçerenköy Metro Station every hour. Residences within the Campus Transportation 15 Within 26 Ağustos Campus, there are 5 student residences with a capacity of 3.634 students.

16 Prof. Dr. Fatma Yeşim Ekinci Vice Rector TOMORROW’S UNIVERSITY WITH RESEARCH AND PROJECTS At our University where we aim to have a leading position in national and international scientific and technological platforms with the use of quality research methods, with our strong and rich laboratory infrastructure and efforts in our research centers, we pioneer scientific projects. We support research/development activities with high impact value in national/ international platforms in order to transform innovative, guiding, participatory and sharing studies, original and creative thoughts in scientific research and technology production activities into publications, products, utility models or patents in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for a sustainable future with the University-Public-Industry-Society, Quad Helix Cooperation.

The foundation of Yeditepe University’s success is the importance it attaches to research and the use of scientific achievements for the benefit of society. Accordingly, innovative ideas produced by our distinguished academics together with our students are supported by our research centers and over 500 laboratories with advanced infrastructure. As a result of these studies, our university is among the leading universities of our country with both national and international 219 registered patents and 537 patent applications. Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence Application and Research Center By conducting theoretical and applied scientific efforts within our university in the fields of information technologies and artificial intelligence, and within the framework of the needs of the headquarters or the stakeholders, conducts seminars and trainings, as well as developing projects. Dentistry Training, Application and Research Center It meets the expectations of the patients by focusing on continuous development of oral and dental health services, education, research, patient services and national oral and dental health policies, preserving an environment with a human-oriented approach and diversity and keeping patient and employee safety at the forefront. Pharmacoeconomic and Pharmacoepidermiological Research and Application Center Under the coordination of the Faculty of Pharmacy, it conducts pharmacoeconomic and pharmacoepidemiological research in cooperation with universities, industry, government and non-governmental organizations. Traditional and Complementary Medicine Application and Research Center Servicing as a department within Yeditepe University Hospitals with the principle of providing natural medical support to those who apply to the clinic, the center conducts multidisciplinary efforts with the doctors of other departments of the hospital. The service is provided for all diseases that have been deemed as “treatable with Acupuncture” by World Health Organization. 17 RESEARCH CENTERS

Development and Disability Application and Research Center The aim of the center is to conduct research in field education (such as mathematics, science, social sciences, language), develop instructional designs and related materials, develop technology-assisted teaching-learning tools, and share the results by participating in the application of the developed designs and materials for individuals with special needs. Ophthalmological Diseases Application and Research Center The aim of the center is to provide the most advanced diagnosis and treatment methods to the public, to carry out the latest scientific research and to provide the necessary facilities for the students attending associate degree, undergraduate and graduate education in the fields of medicine and health sciences to help them become qualified ophthalmologists. Specialization, Application and Research Center Specialization, Application and Research Center, apart from providing the state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment methods in internal, surgical and fundamental health sciences, primarily in blood diseases and cancers, as well as in neurological diseases, as a result of various scientific research; raising qualified medical doctors, and providing necessary opportunities to students in medical and healthcare sciences fields in associate, bachelor’s and graduate degree levels, including specialty and double majors. Confucius Institute Our institute, being one of the four Confucius Institutes in Turkey, continues its courses and training programs with the support of the academic staff of our University and Nankai University, our main partner in the People’s Republic of China. One of the main activities of our institute is the summer camp hosted by Nankai University and organized mutually. The students attending the camp take courses in Chinese language and culture for two weeks and make cultural visits in Tianjin and Beijing. In addition, our students gain new competencies by getting to know the Chinese language and culture more closely. Also, raising awareness about the opportunities available in future planning and career preparation is among the objectives of the institute. Global Education and Cultural Research Application and Research Center It examines various regions from cultural, social, political and economic aspects. It is aimed to examine similar and different aspects of historical and cultural ties with different regions of Turkey in combination with comparative and interdisciplinary analysis. Health Services Education, Application and Research Center The aim of the center is to conduct scientific research in order to provide the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods concerning public health, to provide a modern health service in accordance with the needs and expectations, respecting the rights of patients, and to provide education and applications for undergraduate and graduate students of health sciences and to make academic contribution to associate, undergraduate and graduate education of health sciences students. Lifelong Education Application and Research Center Apart from occupational expertise certificates issued to individuals, education on a wide variety of personal development, computer skills, foreign languages and art fields are provided. Apart from individual and corporate trainings, YUSEM also provides consultancy services. 18

Translational Medicine Application and Research Center It conducts research, examination, development and application efforts on the transformation of information and technologies to be produced in the field of Health, Engineering and Social Sciences into hardware, software, medicine, medical equipment and cosmetic products in line with health needs. The Center organizes seminars and trainings, develops projects, software and systems, produces reports and documentation, and analyzes transformation of existing information and technology into products. Turkish Culture Application and Research Center It carries out its activities in order to bring the results obtained with scientific methods and techniques to the world of science, to prepare the scientific framework of the historical and cultural partnership of Turkic Republics and Turkic communities and to update them according to contemporary strategy and geopolitical conditions. Management Application and Research Center (YUVAM) It is established to conduct multi-disciplinary research and consultancy efforts for the public and private sector, to produce new management techniques, methods and models in the solution of administrative problems with the support of scientific literature by providing cooperation between university and industry and it is a leading center in its field. 19

R&D Laboratories and Units Providing External Services Yeditepe University R&D and Analysis Central Laboratories (YÜ-AGAM) It is an internationally recognized laboratory center with an area of 3500 square meters, providing analysis services to different sectors. It has a Special Food Control Laboratory, Soil-Soil Regulators, Plant and Water Analysis Laboratories, Cosmetic and Biocidal Analysis Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory, Pool Water Analysis Laboratory, Mineral Analysis Laboratory and many other Industrial Analysis Laboratories and R & D Laboratories, serving specific fields. Our laboratories are authorized by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and the Ministry of Health and are accredited by 414 parameters from the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) according to the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard. At the same time, they have been approved as Laboratories for Testing Services by the Turkish Standards Institute. YÜ-AGAM continues its activities with the mission of providing accurate and reliable service within the scope of analysis as authorized, improving its experience and knowledge, keeping its competence up to date and providing customer satisfaction. Yeditepe University Drug and Poison Advisory Unit (YİZDA) It aims to provide drug information that will ensure society’s health and safety in drugs and drug related events. Yeditepe University Cosmetics Unit (YUKOZ) It keeps the quality of cosmetic products and services produced at Yeditepe University at the highest level, meest the demands and expectations of the users fully and ensures the safe use of products. Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine Experimental Research Center (YÜDETAM) It enables scientists and researchers from other local and foreign universities, especially Yeditepe University to make observations, experiments, projects, research and studies. 20

Yeditepe University Biocidal and R&D Laboratories Founded by the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering and authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Turkey Public Health Institution, the laboratory provides services regarding the chemical, physical and microbiological analysis of Biocidal Products, potency tests, toxicology and irritation testing, stability testing, genotoxicity, cytotoxicity, Biological Activity Trials and virus activity tests. The Unit aims to continuously monitor the scientific and technological developments and improve the infrastructure of the laboratory, the training and service quality of our human resources according to current needs. Yeditepe University Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Medical Device R&D and Analysis Laboratory (YÜEF-İKTAL) It provides services to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical device industries in the field of preclinical research and studies. Accredited until 2027 by TÜRKAK, the laboratory carries out in vivo and in vitro toxicology tests (acute toxicity, repeated dose toxicity, mutagenicity, genotoxicity, genotoxicity, irritation, sensitivity) and pharmacological tests required during the research and development phase for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices. The facilities of Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine Experimental Medicine Research Centre (YÜDETAM) are used for research. Yeditepe University Physics Department Metrology and Calibration Laboratory (YÜKAL) It continues its activities in order to achieve world standards in calibration applications and education, to become a strong brand, to provide industrial services to developed and developing countries, to perform national and international, inter-laboratory comparison measurements, to expand the scope of metrology trainings required by our country and to contribute to the development of scientific metrology. Yeditepe University Tissue Typing Laboratory Tissue Typing Laboratory has been providing services to Yeditepe University Hospitals based on the license issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health and organ transplant centers from outside the institution since 2013. The laboratory, which serves for kidney, liver, bone marrow and stem cell transplantation carried out in our hospital and has EN ISO 15189 accreditation, and is equipped with modern laboratory systems. Stem Cell Excellence Center It was founded with the support of Istanbul Development Agency to realize important projects in the field of stem cell and gene therapy. At the center, research, development and application of clinical protocols for the treatment of cancer, neurodegenerative, muscle and bone diseases, infertility or other physiological diseases due to aging, as well as the development and production of cell and gene treatment protocols, and application of materials in cell and tissue engineering fields care are carried out. 21

22 Yeditepe University Commission of Support for Research Projects and Scientific Activities (YAP) The commission continues its efforts with supporting research projects conducted within Yeditepe University, participation in scientific research, supporting academic publishing and incentivization awards for international project supports. YAP, under its roof, provides; • Within the framework of the strategic plan of our university, project support in the fields of Social, Health, Science and Education Sciences in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in line with global goals, contributions to the technological, economic, social and cultural development of the country, need and target-oriented infrastructure, research start-up, patent, university-industry cooperation, priority area and international research cooperation, • Academic publishing support for incentivizing the publishing of academic articles, books, patents and artistic works in national and international mediums, • Support for participation of academics to scientific events such as congresses, symposiums, trainings etc., either physically or online.

Yeditepe University Project Management Office (PMO) is the unit that manages the process from application to finalization of all national/ international externally funded projects in which our University takes part as an executor or project partner and internally funded projects supported by our own resources, and ensures coordination with internal and external stakeholders. In general • It searches for project support opportunities, • Organizes information days, trainings and meetings to introduce the support programmes for our researchers, • It directs researchers with project ideas to optimum support, • It manages the project application and contract process, indexes the project data, and then plays an active role in the successful execution and finalization of the project by supporting the project management process, which is the biggest part of the cycle. • The PMO also coordinates research projects supported by our university’s own resources, participation in scientific activities, academic publication incentive and international project incentive award processes under the roof of YAP. Within the framework of the R&D ecosystem, the search for solutions to global problems with qualified funding sources paves the way for multidisciplinary studies. In this direction, the number of sustainability-based project applications is increasing in line with global strategies such as UN Sustainable Development Goals, Green Consensus, Adaptation to Climate Change, Digital Agenda. In our university, which has a strong research infrastructure, more than 1600 externally supported project applications have been made since 2006. Currently, 52 externally funded projects with a budget volume of 37M are being carried out within our university, and nearly 400 projects have been successfully completed. Project Management Office As the Project Management Office, we continue our work with the aim of transforming the R&D potential of our University into target-oriented, innovationbased, national and international collaborative projects that can produce solutions to global challenges, integrating the project writing/execution culture into the corporate culture and making it sustainable. Our main activities are to introduce support programmes within the framework of our priority areas, strategic goals, research policy and action plans and policies created for global problems, to raise awareness, to guide the project design of ideas in a way that will provide the highest benefit from the most appropriate programme, to support the application processes and to be a support office in the successful execution of the projects. Among the projects carried out, there are national/international collaborative, multidisciplinary support programmes such as TÜBİTAK 1004, 2232, 2244, Bilateral and Multiple Collaborations, European Union funds (Erasmus+, Horizon MSCA RISE, ERA-NET), which are important for our students to gain research culture by taking part in the project team and to step into the R&D and Innovation ecosystem. Seçil Nişancı PMO Director 23 Ongoing Projects Total Applications Total Completed Projects 50+ 1650+ 380+

24 Yeditepe University Technology Transfer Office (YUTTO) With its R&D and technology development efforts, YUTTO has a sustainable structure where advanced technologies are brought into the national industry and where new products and technologies are transformed into economical value. Our aim is to support the formation and growth of companies that use or produce advanced technology by bringing the university – industry cooperation to the maximum possible level in fields such as health, biomedical science, advanced materials, engineering and software, to transform the knowledge and research produced within the university into economic values and to provide synergy between national/ international companies and universities. YUTTO provides services to academics, students, industrial corporations and public institutions conducting research at our university, seeking funding support for their research, wishing to become an entrepreneur and establishing / developing a university – industry cooperation. YUTTO enables technology transfers by carrying the university’s intellectual property pool outside of university and provides guidance Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Turan Director of the Technology Transfer Office for the establishment of startup and spinoff companies throughout the world. The office aims to support the commercialization of national / international project outputs, of which over 350 have been accepted out of our university’s total of more than 1000; as well as providing the scientific infrastructure of our university to the use of industry. Research Database Within the scope of university – industry collaboration efforts, YUTTO established a Research Database in order to support academics to match them with the correct funding mechanisms, projects, intellectual property management, copyrights and corporations. In this regard, in-person interviews are conducted with academics and, by personalized efforts, areas of interests and necessities are determined, matching the academics through the updated Research Database with the information gathered. YUTTO, with its R&D and technology development activities, creates a sustainable structure where advanced technologies are brought to the country’s industry and new products and technologies are transformed into economic value. Our aim is to support the formation and growth of companies that use and / or produce advanced technology by maximising university - industry cooperation in many areas that require advanced technology such as health, biomedical, advanced materials and software, to provide an environment and support to companies that will operate in innovative technology fields, to transform the knowledge and applied research results produced at the university into economic value, to establish mechanisms that enable national and international companies to create synergy with universities.

YUTTO Modules • Awareness and promotion Events • Services towards benefiting from support programs • Project development and management processes within the scope of University - Industry Cooperation • Intellectual property rights management and licensing • Entrepreneurship and incorporation services Yeditepe University is ranked among the top 50 universities, with data prepared by YUTTO, in the TÜBİTAK Entrepreneur and Innovative University Index. Also, YUTTO is an implementing agency, alongside with Teknopark İstanbul, for TÜBİTAK BiGG Program that is a program focused on early-stage entrepreneurs focusing on technology. 7Tepe Yeni Fikir Ongoing Projects Instructor Visits Completed Projects Business Ideas International Patent File Company Visits National Patent Files Entrepreneur International Registered Patents National Registered Patent 49 110+ 380+ 165+ 412 90+ 125 315+ 167 52 YUTTO in numbers 25 YUTTO has been running the 7Tepe Yeni Fikir Early Stage Venture Acceleration Program since 2016 with the aim of commercializing the correct research outcomes of academic staff as part of university-industry collaboration efforts, enabling Yeditepe University members (students, alumni, academic and administrative staff) to implement innovative projects, and encouraging them to establish companies. With 7Tepe Yeni Fikir, support is provided for market analysis, product development, and commercialization of technology-based business ideas through training, mentoring, access to investment, and customer networks. In addition, YUTTO is the implementing organization for TÜBİTAK's BiGG Program, which provides grant support for early-stage ventures. Within the scope of this program, support is offered to entrepreneurs in preparing business plans, and grants of up to 200,000 TL are provided to technology startups.

Lifelong Education Center 0216 578 07 12 0216 578 07 09 0216 578 16 51 0216 578 08 32 26 As Yeditepe University Lifelong Education Application and Research Center, we are committed to providing lifelong learning; we present a rich educational content that balances theory and practice with professionals and experts in the field. In addition to the certificate programs for professional specialization, we prepare a wide range of training programs needed such as personal development, computers, foreign language and arts. By producing high quality educational content, we give participants from all ages and segments of society the opportunity to be equipped in every field they wish. We observe the standards of Yeditepe University, which has set itself the main goal of providing quality at the highest level in all of the training programs realized in our center, which offers parallel programs to lifelong education in areas other than undergraduate and graduate programs. Prof. Dr. Can Tansel Kaya Lifelong Education Center Director The Lifelong Education Center provides lifelong learning experience with professionals and academics in the field of professional expertise certificate programs, as well as rich contents in the fields of personal development, computers, foreign languages and arts. The Lifelong Education Center provides practical and theoretical training in an academic environment with specially designed training materials by identifying the educational needs that will contribute to the personal and institutional development of participants of all ages and segments of the society by producing up-to-date, qualified content in all areas. • Business and Management Trainings • Digital and Technology Trainings • Foreign Language Trainings • High School Summer School • High School Winter School • Individual Trainings • Personal Development Trainings • Trainings for Educators


! welcome to a Global University

With an educational approach offered in international standards, Yeditepe University has become the first foundation university in Turkey to be accredited by the European University Association (EUA) Corporate Assessment Program and accredits its educational quality by national and international accreditation bodies. Yeditepe University, having been accredited in many fields and has successfully passed many accreditation processes, has improved its quality in education with each passing day and provides experience to students and faculty members in international projects with the international cooperation agreements it has signed. Accreditations and Internationalization Yeditepe University, which has set the quality in education as a priority since its establishment, attaches great importance and support to the accreditation of our programs by various institutions. In 2022, the university had 35% of all its programs accredited and its goal is to extend accreditation to all faculties. Apart from education, continuous improvement actions are planned and implemented regularly in corporate accreditaion factors such as quality assurance, management, research, internationalization and social contributions. Prof. Dr. İpek Karaaslan Vice Rector 30 World University Rankings (2023): 1501+ Clinical, Pre-Clinical & Health (2023): 801+ Asia University (2022): 401-500 Young University Rankings (2022): 401+

Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Architecture Faculty of Pharmacy Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Communication Faculty of Arts and Sciences Faculty of Education Faculty of Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine English Language Teaching Guidance an Psychological Counseling Elemantery Mathematichs Teaching Joint Commission International Joint Commission International Association of Dental Education in Europe European Federation of Periodontology Association of Evaluation and Accreditation of Pharmacy Education Programs Association of Evaluation and Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs Association of Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs Faculty of Science Literature, Science - Literature, Language History - Geography Curriculum Evaluation and Accreditation Association Architectural Accrediting Board Communication Education Evaluation and Accreditation Board European Network of Accreditation of Engineering Education Association of Evaluation and Accreditation of Healthcare Sciences Training Programs Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Nursing Education Programs World Physiotheraphy Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Medical Education Programs Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing Anthropology, Translation Studies, Philosophy, Physics, English Language and Literature, Maths, Psychology , Sociology, History, Turkish Language and Literature Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Architecture Public Relations and Publicity, Advertising Design and Communication, Radio Cinema and Television, Visual Communication Design 31

Sustainable Yeditepe 32 Yeditepe University works in cooperation with every segment of the society to find solutions to the fundamental problems the world now faces within the scope of Sustainable Development Target, structured by the United Nations for a better future, by placing sustainability to the center of its educational philosophy. Yeditepe University Sustainability Study Group, which was established with the participation of academics, administrative staff and students, operates with the aim of leading the society on the Sustainable Development Goals, consisting of 17 items from poverty to climate change, gender equality and environment. By focusing on and realizing a sustainable campus concept, infrastructure energy and climate change, waste, water resources, transportation and education, Yeditepe University has been among the leading foundation universities in Turkey since 2017 regarding the assessments by Green Metric, a platform that promotes internationalization, raises awareness to sustainability and tries to attract global awareness for environmental issues and evaluates the sustainability of efforts at universities worldwide. Yeditepe University is also a member of the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) and Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), representing the top universities in the world for sustainability studies.

What do we do within the scope of Sustainable Yeditepe? • We establish lasting collaborations with business, civil society, local governments and universities in line with common sustainability objectives. • We carry out training and communication activities with the participation of all internal and external stakeholders in order to transfer Sustainable Development Goals to the society. • We strive for raising awareness about the concept of gender, the roles of women and men in society, and the perception of these roles in society. • We try to integrate environmental management objectives into our daily operations, such as reducing / separating waste, reducing water and energy usage and our carbon emissions accordingly. • We produce our own energy • We reuse the waste water by treating it in our biological treatment facility and use it in irrigation of the green spaces as well as toilets. • We use the organic waste created while budding the plants and mowing the grass by transforming it into compost fertilizers and use it in feeding the plants and developing them, as well as increasing the number of plants and diversity. • We conduct interdisciplinary work platform in the field of sustainable food to ensure access to healthy and safe food for all segments of the society. 33 Yeditepe University: 601-800 SUSTAINABLE YEDITEPE

34 The International Office The International Office contributes to extensive training facilities of Yeditepe University with education abroad, internship programs student and academic staff exchange programs. It also offers the students the opportunity to meet different cultures, observe innovations in education and experience intercultural sharing environments by signing cooperation agreements with prominent universities from all over the world, especially Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and Far East. Within the International Office, there are International Exchange and Collaboration Office and Full Time Students’ Office.

International Exchange and Coordination Office Full Time International Students’ Office The International Exchange and Collaboration Office is committed to being a bridge for the international experience of our students and staff in order to develop collaborations with reputable international research institutions and universities and bring together different cultures in academic and social context. The office is responsible for the effective and efficient execution of mobility organizations for students, lecturers and staff within the framework of the over 400 Erasmus and International Exchange agreements, as well as coordinating the exchange programs and contributing to the internationalization of the university in international joint programs, projects, research, meetings and other fields and it supports establishment, development and maintaining cooperation. Yeditepe University, which has a wide variety of students covering 69 countries from all over the world, with its Full Time International Students’ Office enables international students coming from all over the world to experience Istanbul, which is one of the stops where east and west intersect; acquire the knowledge, skills and insights necessary to take their place in community life and to develop their personality for the integration of new generations into the social life. 35

Career Development and Alumni Communication Directorate Since the day it was founded, Yeditepe University Career Development and Alumni Communication Department has continued working in order to ensure that our graduates meet the expectations of the business world, to ensure that they graduate as well-equipped and qualified individuals, and to enable our graduates to move forward confidently in their professional life after graduation with Career Consultancy, Career Days, Personal Development Days, Technical Trips, Sector Days, Mentoring Program, Professional Alumni Meets, Workshops and University – Industry Collaboration prepared specifically for our students and alumni. Our students and alumni can get support by visiting the Career Development and Alumni Communication Department for getting to know themselves better, determining their interests and competencies, setting career goals as well as planning and managing the steps they will take in their professional lives. 36

Yeditepe Network platform is established in order to maintain a strong connection between members of Yeditepe University and the industry, as well as maintaining this connection. • In this platform, which will strengthen the Yeditepe culture and our sense of belonging, you can contact all our students, graduates and academics, and meet the industry professionals we get in touch with • You can apply for job and internship postings published on the platform by the company officials with whom Yeditepe University is in sectoral cooperation, • You can post job and internship advertisements that will make people from Yeditepe privileged, • You can join the Alumni Mentoring program, where we have a strong alumni network, • You can interact with your members and create your own activities by joining different groups opened according to the interests and needs of the users, • You can be informed about the special discounts and opportunities offered to members of Yeditepe, • You may contact our Alumni in international platforms, • With notifications for all the events organized by the university, you can easily add the events you have chosen according to your interests to your calendar, • You can access all these with the mobile app, • You can benefit from all the opportunities provided by the Career Development and Alumni Communication Department In this platform, where users can register via LinkedIn, an automatic synchronization with LinkedIn data is maintained so that user data stays up-to-date. Platform app can be easily downloaded via Google Play or App Store. Network Yeditepe w e 37 We are connected with d e

professionals of 38

KariyerimİZ - Career Counselling We provide one-to-one career counselling services to our students and graduates so that they can build their career planning with knowledge, skills, curiosity and confidence while developing their flexibility and adaptability skills, which are the most important elements of the 21st century. - Yeditepe Professional With the Yeditepe Professional Programme, we aim to enable our students to take part in business life as Yeditepe Professionals who are ready for business life and have gained career awareness by combining the behavioral competencies required by business life with the professional and academic education they receive. - IZ Career Festival and Career Events With the case studies, interview simulations and competitions organized within the scope of the Career Festival, we support our students and graduates to develop their personal competencies and skills and enable them to experience professional life. - Sectoral Collaborations We create opportunities for our students to support the successful academic education they have received with applications in the sector and international projects. In addition, we provide internship opportunities for our students in our contracted institutions and create opportunities to get to know business life on site with company visits. With Career Planning and Entrepreneurship Courses, we aim for our students to gain career awareness from the first year, to get to know the sectors and to recognize the equivalent of the competencies they will gain through extracurricular activities throughout their entire student life in business life. With the Mentorship Programme, which focuses on sharing knowledge and experience, we bring our students together with our successful graduates who have gained a place in business life, and create opportunities for our students to determine their career paths, discover themselves and develop their competencies before graduation. Within the scope of the programme, we contribute to our students who want to get to know the entrepreneurship ecosystem closely and get involved in it by providing consultancy services. By coming together with our alumni through training, workshops, events and network meetings, we aim to maintain their belonging to Yeditepe and strengthen the communication between them. We create a Yeditepe community on an international platform with domestic and international network meetings and create employment opportunities for our students and graduates abroad with the global Yeditepe network. 39