Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Translational Medicine Application and Research Center It conducts research, examination, development and application efforts on the transformation of information and technologies to be produced in the field of Health, Engineering and Social Sciences into hardware, software, medicine, medical equipment and cosmetic products in line with health needs. The Center organizes seminars and trainings, develops projects, software and systems, produces reports and documentation, and analyzes transformation of existing information and technology into products. Turkish Culture Application and Research Center It carries out its activities in order to bring the results obtained with scientific methods and techniques to the world of science, to prepare the scientific framework of the historical and cultural partnership of Turkic Republics and Turkic communities and to update them according to contemporary strategy and geopolitical conditions. Management Application and Research Center (YUVAM) It is established to conduct multi-disciplinary research and consultancy efforts for the public and private sector, to produce new management techniques, methods and models in the solution of administrative problems with the support of scientific literature by providing cooperation between university and industry and it is a leading center in its field. 19