Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Yeditepe University Project Management Office (PMO) is the unit that manages the process from application to finalization of all national/ international externally funded projects in which our University takes part as an executor or project partner and internally funded projects supported by our own resources, and ensures coordination with internal and external stakeholders. In general • It searches for project support opportunities, • Organizes information days, trainings and meetings to introduce the support programmes for our researchers, • It directs researchers with project ideas to optimum support, • It manages the project application and contract process, indexes the project data, and then plays an active role in the successful execution and finalization of the project by supporting the project management process, which is the biggest part of the cycle. • The PMO also coordinates research projects supported by our university’s own resources, participation in scientific activities, academic publication incentive and international project incentive award processes under the roof of YAP. Within the framework of the R&D ecosystem, the search for solutions to global problems with qualified funding sources paves the way for multidisciplinary studies. In this direction, the number of sustainability-based project applications is increasing in line with global strategies such as UN Sustainable Development Goals, Green Consensus, Adaptation to Climate Change, Digital Agenda. In our university, which has a strong research infrastructure, more than 1600 externally supported project applications have been made since 2006. Currently, 52 externally funded projects with a budget volume of 37M are being carried out within our university, and nearly 400 projects have been successfully completed. Project Management Office As the Project Management Office, we continue our work with the aim of transforming the R&D potential of our University into target-oriented, innovationbased, national and international collaborative projects that can produce solutions to global challenges, integrating the project writing/execution culture into the corporate culture and making it sustainable. Our main activities are to introduce support programmes within the framework of our priority areas, strategic goals, research policy and action plans and policies created for global problems, to raise awareness, to guide the project design of ideas in a way that will provide the highest benefit from the most appropriate programme, to support the application processes and to be a support office in the successful execution of the projects. Among the projects carried out, there are national/international collaborative, multidisciplinary support programmes such as TÜBİTAK 1004, 2232, 2244, Bilateral and Multiple Collaborations, European Union funds (Erasmus+, Horizon MSCA RISE, ERA-NET), which are important for our students to gain research culture by taking part in the project team and to step into the R&D and Innovation ecosystem. Seçil Nişancı PMO Director 23 Ongoing Projects Total Applications Total Completed Projects 50+ 1650+ 380+