Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

124 Provides an overview of Turkish language and Turkish literature, and provides courses that will form the basis of the courses to be taken in the following years.In addition, courses such as History of Civilisation and History of Turkish Culture provide the establishment of a history-languageliterature connection. On the one hand, Old and Middle Turkish periods and the subtleties of Ottoman Turkish and Turkey Turkish are taught; on the other hand, courses on the modernisation process of Turkish literature are given. In addition, students are provided with a theoretical and analytical perspective with the Literary Theories course. Classical Turkish Literature and Folk Literature are taught from both a traditional and contemporary perspective; these courses are supported by language courses such as Old Anatolian Turkish, Eastern Turkish and Literatures. YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR Academic Education Year by Year The aim of the programme is to introduce and evaluate Republican and Contemporary Turkish Literature through genres such as novels, short stories and poetry, and to develop students’ academic knowledge, analytical perspective and creativity that will make a difference in their chosen professions. Our graduates can continue their academic careers at Yeditepe University with the Comparative Master’s and New Literature Doctorate Programme options. Turkish Language and Literature