Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Literature is life; it is the expression and reflection of life on an individual or social level. To be interested in literature is to get to know life within this framework, to experience alternative ways of living through various examples, in short, to learn to live. As Yeditepe University Department of Turkish Language and Literature, we approach literature with this vision. We try to guide our students on their journey of understanding life through literature. We believe that our mission is to educate individuals who know themselves, believe in their society, protect their cultural values, and have high self-confidence. The Department of Turkish Language and Literature consists of two main fields of activity: «Language» and «Literature». While the language courses examine Turkish language gradually with its historical background, they also reinterpret and evaluate it in the light of contemporary linguistics methods. Literature courses are the product of a similar whole. In these courses, in line with the traditional approach, the main fields of Classical Turkish Literature, New Turkish Literature and Folk Literature are dealt with separately, and it is emphasised that literature is an uninterrupted process from yesterday to today. 57% of our students are on a scholarship. FEDEK accredited education programme Opportunity to become a teacher by taking pedagogical formation training. 122 Turkish Language and Literature