Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

182 Career Opportunities Our graduates can work in banks, insurance and similar financial institutions, independent audit companies and internal audit departments of companies. In addition, they can find job opportunities in the fields of accounting, finance, marketing and human resources in public and private organisations, as well as in increasingly popular positions such as business analyst, project manager and digital marketing specialist. With the Entrepreneurship courses we offer to students, we introduce students to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and transfer the knowledge and skills necessary for entrepreneurial activities. Our students can build their ideas they want to realise on solid foundations by having knowledge on topics such as creating a business model, preparing a business plan and conducting feasibility studies. Business Administration In order to increase the general academic competencies of our students, courses such as Mathematics, Statistics, History of Civilization and Law as well as courses in business and economics are given. Our students take basic courses on all the functions of businesses this year. They acquire the academic competencies they will need in professional life and the knowledge of management, marketing, human resources and accounting. Also, with the mandatory course on Entrepreneurship Principles, they acquire the general knowledge on entrepreneurship and small-scale company management as well as necessary skills and affective qualities. With the courses such as Financial Management and Cost Accounting, our students have detailed information about accounting and finance. In addition, scientific research methods help students gain competences in defining research problems and sampling, analysis and questionnaire methods. Students take courses such as Managerial Accounting and Strategic Management that will reinforce what they have learnt about business functions in previous years. In addition, students have the opportunity to choose different courses according to their interests from the rich elective course pool of the whole university. In addition, the internship, which must be completed after the 6th semester, enables our students to experience business life and supports them to make their job search more consciously. Academic Education Year by Year YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR