Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

KariyerimİZ - Career Counselling We provide one-to-one career counselling services to our students and graduates so that they can build their career planning with knowledge, skills, curiosity and confidence while developing their flexibility and adaptability skills, which are the most important elements of the 21st century. - Yeditepe Professional With the Yeditepe Professional Programme, we aim to enable our students to take part in business life as Yeditepe Professionals who are ready for business life and have gained career awareness by combining the behavioral competencies required by business life with the professional and academic education they receive. - IZ Career Festival and Career Events With the case studies, interview simulations and competitions organized within the scope of the Career Festival, we support our students and graduates to develop their personal competencies and skills and enable them to experience professional life. - Sectoral Collaborations We create opportunities for our students to support the successful academic education they have received with applications in the sector and international projects. In addition, we provide internship opportunities for our students in our contracted institutions and create opportunities to get to know business life on site with company visits. With Career Planning and Entrepreneurship Courses, we aim for our students to gain career awareness from the first year, to get to know the sectors and to recognize the equivalent of the competencies they will gain through extracurricular activities throughout their entire student life in business life. With the Mentorship Programme, which focuses on sharing knowledge and experience, we bring our students together with our successful graduates who have gained a place in business life, and create opportunities for our students to determine their career paths, discover themselves and develop their competencies before graduation. Within the scope of the programme, we contribute to our students who want to get to know the entrepreneurship ecosystem closely and get involved in it by providing consultancy services. By coming together with our alumni through training, workshops, events and network meetings, we aim to maintain their belonging to Yeditepe and strengthen the communication between them. We create a Yeditepe community on an international platform with domestic and international network meetings and create employment opportunities for our students and graduates abroad with the global Yeditepe network. 39