Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

152 Primary courses consists of introduction to journalism and communication, as well as common culture. Courses that will introduce writing a news piece, journalism and digital world also help our students to have an idea about their future specializations. This year includes courses that they receive field-based theoretical and applied courses. This year’s primary objective is to have our students equipped with various competencies with applied courses such as design, photography and internet journalism, and have a critical perspective thanks to communication theories and media analysis courses. Also, with our internal internship applications, our students start producing in line with the industry practices. Aside from theoretical and applied courses on traditional and digital media, our students also choose electives in parallel with their interests. This year is also the one when our students meet the industry through internships. Theoretical and applied courses supplement specialization and enable students to acquire professional competence. Now, our students can produce academically, and their own media productions as well. Academic Education Year by Year YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR Career Opportunities Our graduates can work in various levels of companies that provide services in media industry. They can work as journalists, photo-journalists, page designers, editors, content creators and scripters in newspapers, journals, televisions, news websites, advertising agencies and public relations companies, as well as take management positions such as news director, chief editor, and managing editor. Also, they can work in various industries with the need of communication, NGOs and press – public relations departments of local government organizations. In addition, graduates who continue their postgraduate education maintain a different perspective for their profession and earn their place in academia. Journalism Our theoretical and applied courses, thanks to the collaboration between our academics and media professionals, consist of contents that complement each other. Starting the first year, application and theory courses are together with both traditional and new media content.