Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

178 This year includes the fundamentals of soil science, environment and ecology, as well as basic economics and principles of economy. In addition, courses for purchasing, storage, distribution and use of computer programs are offered. Accounting includes courses on agricultural statistics and evaluation as well as courses on agricultural trade, agricultural imports and exports, agricultural and food marketing, agricultural tourism as well as agriculture, food and media. In addition, courses on data processing and courses on EU agricultural policy and the customs union are among the courses of the second year. Courses include blockchain, agricultural law, farm management, international trade and financial management. In addition, this year includes two long-term internships in our partner organisations. In addition to our senior elective courses, courses including waste management, land reclamation, biological control, plant nutrition, fertilisation and irrigation, IT and IoT systems in agriculture, agricultural models, carbon footprint, water footprint and urban agriculture are given. Academic Education Year by Year YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR Agricultural Trade and Management