Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Prof. Dr. Ece CEYLAN BABA Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Architecture, being an ancient profession, is a part of our lives since the day humanity came into existence. According to the needs of the humanity and the world we live in, architecture keeps evolving as well. Within our faculty, which consists of design programs of various scales, we believe in the importance of an interdisciplinary education where theoretical knowledge is mixed with vocational practice, and an interactive and contemporary design education. We aim to raise professionals who are aware of their ethical responsibilities, as well as the limited resources of the world we live in, sensitive to environmental issues, and able to use technology effectively. Yeditepe University’s Faculty of Architecture raise the students as the individuals who are selfconfident, able to think multi-directional, are not imitators, who have adopted the principles of Ataturk, who have social responsibility and ethical values required by the profession. The main mission of our faculty is to train professionals who can integrate their own design approaches with the contemporary world and technology, as well as balancing the theoretical and practical knowledge. With the view that architecture is a whole, our faculty gathers Architecture, Interior Architecture, Industrial Design and Urban Design and Landscape Architecture under a single roof and, with the interactions of various disciplines, we aim to educate more qualified professionals with its holistic educational model. With lots of national and international seminars, exhibitions and workshops, our students have the chance to develop themselves in a variety of areas. Apart from their curriculums, all the departments of our faculty prepare our students for their careers with their vocational practice – academia, and -academia – industry collaboration projects. Architectural Accrediting Board 63