Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

78 Courses on fundamental information regarding different fields are provided. Apart from fundamental courses of the Faculty of Architecture such as Drawing Techniques, Information Technologies, Computer Assisted Design and Design Principles, there are introductory courses to Urban Design and Landscape Architecture such as Introduction to Landscape Theory, History of Cities, History of Landscape Architecture, Plant Materials, Landscape Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage. The year includes courses focusing on theoretical knowledge on urban planning and natural sciences such as Field Design Techniques, Construction and Materials, Public Places and Urban Places, Botanical Design, Paedology, Urban Green Space Planning. Project courses starting in the second year continue until the last semester with a variety of topics, scale and contents. For their preparation to professional life, our students finish the first Office part of their 30-day long Office and Worksite internships at the end of the second year. Courses that will develop both theoretical and practical knowled are provided such as City and Ecology, Environmental Image, Landscape Application Technique, Rural Landscape Planning, Sustainable Urban Design and Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Principles. Also, at the end of the third year, our students complete their 30-day long worksite internship. A framework of courses that focus on occupational specialization and aim to develop theoretical and practical knowledge are provided, such as Natural Preservation and Tourism, Landscape Maintenance Techniques, Landscape Aesthetics and Quality, Environmental Impact Evaluation, Grass and Trailing, Quantities and Vocational Application. YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR Our students also have the opportunity to develop themselves in the fields that they want to specialize in with 6 area electives and 6 free electives within the scope of their four-year training. Academic Education Year by Year Urban Design and Landscape Architecture