Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Studying Sociology at Yeditepe is a fulfilling time when I had many varied and intensive courses where I learned about many global and national subjects, and learned about the historical background of those topics as well as discussions regarding today. Sociology is a department where you can find a part of yourself in a wide variety of topics, ranging from music to cinema, and research methods to various ideological discussions, and keep developing yourself as a person as well. Ayça Turğut 4th Year Student Furkan Şen Alumni Sociology, which is closely related to Artificial Intelligence, Technology Systems, Engineering, Health, History, Economics, Social Sciences and all other disciplines we can count, has given us the chance to gain knowledge and discover the field we want to progress while drawing our career path and to gain awareness in the sociological framework by working on many subjects such as economy, industry, city, countryside, religion, family, youth, gender, identity, crime, health on a global and national scale. In addition, I see that studying Sociology at Yeditepe is also advantageous. As a Yeditepe student, I had the opportunity to network both within the institution and with other institutions and organisations by taking part in many different units, clubs, projects and social responsibility organisations within the school. 117 Student Comments