Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Academic Education Year by Year Taking into account their individual talents and preferences, students can turn towards various specialties of the profession such as marketing, customer relations, strategy positioning, copywriting, art direction and media planning. In this context, the Department of Advertising Design and Communication offers theoretical and practical courses in the first two years that enable students to understand the opportunities, threats and methods of the advertising industry. In the third and fourth years; there are lessons to show how these methods can solve the problems in the real world of advertising and support industry specialties. The long-term (42 business days) compulsory internship in the fall semester of the third year, in particular, enables students to conduct their knowledge and skills together with industry leaders for approximately four months so that they can experience working life before graduation and participate in a strong communication network. On the other hand, with our courses such as New Age in Digital Marketing with MMA, Advertising Applications, Advertising Workshop, and Strategic Media Planning, are taught by prominent agency executives of the industry 148 Advertising Design and Communication