Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

I comprehensively learned how to develop my creativity, to create a story, to find creative ideas with teamwork, to visualize my ideas with design tools, and present them effectively, to convince those before me, and to look in a critical way towards media and daily life, thanks to our theoretical and applied courses. Apart from these, with its distinguished academics and cutting-edge technological tools, I always feel one step ahead with the confidence of having such an effective education. If you want to be in the production phase of the advertisements you see every day, you should choose this department. We have a department that will help you understand what you want by training in all areas of advertising. Thanks to the courses of our department, we become competent in our field. These lessons both enable you to produce with fun and help you prepare your portfolio for your future. Working on real projects with real brands in the courses we take gives us important experience. These projects also bring internship and job opportunities. In addition, we are one step ahead thanks to our department’s experienced academic staff and state-ofthe-art classrooms. Can Alkanat 4th Year Student Şebnem Kuk Alumni 149 Student Comments