Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

The founding father and leader of the İSTEK family, which has been born out of respect, love and self-sacrifice, is Atatürk. His children follow in his footsteps. As our Great Leader also pointed out, education should be dedicated to raising generations with no impediments to their minds, consciences and wisdom. This was our aim in setting up İSTEK Foundation and Yeditepe University. In a rapidly evolving world, a good future is only possible with young generations making informed decisions, knowing themselves fully. One of the most critical of those decisions is the choice of an occupation and university. In today’s world, which is experiencing the “Age of Information” and where borders are starting to dissolve with globalization, there are two fundamental principles for institutions and nations to stay alive and succeed: gathering information and sharing it using communication technologies effectively. For the realization of these two principles, knowing English perfectly aside from a secondary foreign language is a necessity. The service industry has an increasingly large share in the GNP of developed countries. Thus, there are new, attractive business areas and opportunities in e-commerce, information technologies, communication, and healthcare technologies, as well as in the field of entrepreneurship, apart from classical education. In our university, it is our aim to raise our students with a contemporary approach and to equip them with all the necessary qualities for them to succeed in the constantly-evolving environment and business world. With this aim, we provide all the opportunities needed to our students, ranging from foreign language education to technological applications, education abroad to research and laboratory infrastructure, as well as up-to-date education with expert professionals from the world of business and academia. As İSTEK Foundation and Yeditepe University, since the day of our foundation, we have raised over 100 thousand young people that are self-confident and embracing the world with our constant vision and our educational opportunities. These young people, with their distinguished education, have become sought-after professionals all over the world and they will continue to be so. Bedrettin DALAN Founder and Honorary President of İSTEK Foundation and Yeditepe University 9