Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

In our department, I have learned to look into literature as a whole and enrich it with different perspectives. Specifically with literary criticism and theory courses, making connections between the texts we read with various fields of social sciences, not only literature, have been two of my favorite courses. The communication we had with our professors, and their open-minded approach have been the two most important factors for sharing our ideas both within the class and with themselves in person. Damla Kul 4th Year Student Ecem Başak Emiroğlu Alumni I have continued my education life for four years with great pleasure. With its courses, what these courses and professors have contributed to me, it has improved me incredibly not only in the field of literature but also in many other fields. The biggest factor that makes me enjoy my department so much is my esteemed professors. Their knowledge, encouraging attitude, and always understanding attitude towards us is a great chance. Many other courses such as Shakespeare and His Period, Romantic Period Poetry, Victorian Poetry, History of Literary Criticism have become much more interesting and instructive thanks to them. 89 Student Comments