Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

164 Career Opportunities Our graduates work in advertising agencies, television channels, game design companies, game design companies, film and animation production companies, computer software companies, design departments of corporate companies with the titles of visual communication designer, visual effects designer, moving images designer, 2D and 3D designer, coating, lighting and rigging designer, character designer, concept designer, game designer, art director, interaction designer, user experience and user interface designer. Since visual communication design is an innovative field of study due to rapidly developing technologies, the demand for graduates of these professions is increasing both nationally and internationally. In line with the need for visual communication designers on a global scale, graduates have a wide range of domestic and international job opportunities. Academic Education Year by Year Students are offered theoretical courses on the creation, design and planning stages of an idea, practical courses on the creation and visualisation stages, and workshops and project courses where they can concretise these productions within the framework of a concept. Individual and group projects enable students to gain experience in the field, produce creative design products and gain a vision of visual communication design. After taking general courses in the first two years to master the basics of visual communication design, students develop their digital design skills in the third and fourth years with courses in 3D animation, game design and interactive design. Visual Communication Design