Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

42 Today’s world is a multilingual, multicultural world. Being a part of this world and keeping up with it naturally makes language learning a very important requirement. Foreign languages are of great importance in terms of accessing information from its source, transferring information to the world in the languages of the world and communicating with the world. In response to this important requirement, we, as the School of Foreign Languages, offer you different options to enrich your language skills by learning one or more foreign languages in addition to the language of instruction of the department you are studying. With our foreign and Turkish language instructors who are experts in their fields, we aim not only to improve your language skills but also to create cultural awareness. We update the content and materials of our courses in line with contemporary language learning requirements and provide you with appropriate technological support. Our aim is to fulfil your wishes and expectations about foreign languages in the most accurate way during your learning process. Every language is amazing and the most important asset that will benefit you in every field. İzzet İnal Director of School of Foreign Languages