Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

I feel the privileges of graduating from the Department of Electronic Commerce and Management. If we consider the point where technology has reached today and the content of the courses we take while studying, we can notice this privilege more than enough. Learning the information in both business life and e-commerce life by living in my education life helped me to adapt much more easily in my business life. The courses such as Software Programming, Online and Offline Marketing, SEO, CRM and Digital Marketing, which we studied with authorised people from the sector and our valuable lecturers, and the experiences I gained in these courses made me feel lucky thanks to my knowledge, as well as providing a lot of benefits in the process after graduation. I chose the E-Commerce and Management department as a result of my interest in the digital world and online business processes. How lucky I am that I had the chance to work in the world’s largest technology company thanks to my department in the second month of starting university. I had the opportunity to improve my skills by applying what I learned. In addition, I can say that my university years were very active considering that our professors in the department are from the sector, they share their real-time experiences with us, and the teaching of summer internships. Thanks to my knowledge of the sector and the quality of the education I received, I will work in the best companies in this field, and having the skills to find entrepreneurship makes me say ‘I am glad I chose this department’. Zeynep Yılmaz 3rd Year Student Emre Şekeroğlu Alumni 187 Industries where our Alumni work Digital marketing expert Digital advertising and promotion manager Mobile entrepreneur E-logistics expert Data Analyst E-Export manager SEO expert E-Commerce expert Web programmer E-CRM expert Online sales planning manager E-supply chain expert Web content manager E-Business development specialist Social media expert E-Product development manager Software Developer Student Comments