Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Yeditepe is the school which startled me with its campus, and the place I have dreamed about attending as my only option in my final months before my exams. Enabling me to live the best and most developing years of my life within its walls, Yeditepe prepared me for my career and academic life with its distinguished academics at the Department of Psychology. As a Master’s Degree student and a candidate therapist, I can now understand much better the importance of the ethical values, awareness of research and in-depth theoretical knowledge. I would like to thank all my academics, who embraced and supported their students and enabled us to be self-confident of ourselves and our knowledge, as well as Yeditepe University, for enabling such an atmosphere. Berkcan Bilgi 4th Year Student Kardelen Çakıcı Alumni Yeditepe University has made my university years an unforgettable experience with its academic staff, comprehensive course curriculum and green campus. In addition to the education we receive, student clubs organise various activities and offer students the opportunity to develop their social and academic skills. As someone who has been the president of the Psychology Club, I can say that club activities have made great contributions to my skills. In addition, various international exchange programmes are offered at our university. I studied at Bielefeld University in Germany for a semester within the scope of the Erasmus Exchange Programme. Being an Erasmus exchange student gave me the opportunity to get to know different cultures and increase my academic skills. As someone who has reached the end of his university life, when I look back, I see years that have passed to the fullest and that I will never forget. 109 Student Comments