Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Business Management E-Commerce and Management Gastronomy and Culinary Arts International Trade and Business Tourism Management The Department of Agricultural Trade and Management raises individuals who are able to integrate basic knowledge of agriculture and land with the knowledge of economy and trade for the needs of our country, who can increase the agribusiness and management in our country to the level of developed countries. In this respect, our main objective is to educate students as highly qualified individuals who are able to analyze data through scientific methods, solve problems and develop projects in all chains based on agribusiness and agricultural economy, who have mastered modern agricultural and business techniques that will reduce our country’s dependence on foreign sources. Courses with Industry Participation With courses such as Agricultural Law, Agricultural Information Technologies and Data Processing, and Sustainable Supply of Agricultural Resources, held with industrial participation, our students have the opportunity of meeting the industry and understand the needs of the industry. Career Opportunities Our graduates can shape their careers as creative, quick-thinking individuals with a systematic approach to problem solving. These chain areas encompass a wide range of applications, from agricultural statistics and data processing to agricultural policies and legislation, from environmental economics and trade to sustainable food and agriculture, from the implementation of different agricultural models to land management. Our graduates can work in public or private sector, in all agriculture-based industrial and research institutions as an advisor, a researcher, a legal affairs supervisor, financial manager, or as entrepreneurs who establish their own businesses. 177 Double Major Programs