Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Thinking,dreaming, wondering and a drive to research were the reasons I chose this department. Also, as the first software development program in Turkey was opened in Yeditepe University, this made my choice even more meaningful and privileged. I am here, in this department, because I can reach my goals of developing a software, contributing to the humanity, managing the future and reaching to the level of advanced societies by the intellectual and distinguished academics of Yeditepe University. While choosing this department, it was good to know that it was the first software developemnt department in turkey. When I looked at the curriculum, I immediately realized we have the same courses with Software Engineering department, and our program is more comprehensive in terms of software development languages. Another one of our department’s benefits is that we have mandatory internships, even in the second year, because if there is one thing more important than your diploma in the field of software development, it is your projects and how and where did you have your internships. Elif Karagöz 3rd Year Student Yusuf Kaan Özetçi 4th Year Student 143 Student Comments