Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Yeditepe University is a school with a great campus, lots of social activities and academics that care about their students, asice from its opportunities such as the laboratories where many course applications are conducted. Thanks to my esteemed academics in the Department of Physics, and their attention, support and efforts, I completed my education in the department with an ever-increasing pleasure, determination and curiosity. Also, with my double major in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I was able to graduate with two diplomas, apart from an opportunity to learn about the perspective of an engineer. Yılmaz Tuna 4th Year Student Ata Özmat Alumni Our department, with its inter-institutional agreements, both provided internship opportunities and shed light on me for my master’s degree process. These experiences helped me a lot in shaping my career plans. I am currently studying my last semester in my department and I can say that if I had the chance to go back 4 years ago and review my alternatives, I would follow the same path again. I have no “if only” at the point where my department has brought me. If you are eager to traverse the bumpy road that comes naturally with studying physics, I recommend you to take Yeditepe with you as your supporter. 105 Student Comments