Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

With its theoretical and practical courses, our Translarion Studies department provides us with the opportunity to try and develop ourselves in various fields. As translation is a field that nested with various other fields and provides opportunities for development and specialization in a handful of areas, we have an advantage at the beginning. Alongside with the practical courses we take on natural sciences, social sciences, medicine, law and many more from distinguished lecturers from academia or from the industry, we also have courses such as computer assisted technical translation as well as subtitle translation and dubbing, where we learn about the technological fields in which translation is used as well as technologies that assist translation. Sude Arslan 4th Year Student Duygu Tokol Alumni From the first year onwards, our programme provides its students with the skills that a professional translator will need throughout his/her professional life. Our programme provides the theoretical background of Translation Studies through courses such as Translation Theory, and teaches the subtleties of translation through courses such as Translation Project and Literary Translation. In addition, courses such as Computer Assisted Technical Translation and Introduction to Simultaneous Translation prepare us for professional life by showing us all aspects of what the translation industry will expect from us, the professional translators of the future. In addition to this, we gain a broad knowledge of the fields we will translate in through elective courses from different departments throughout the four years. 121 Student Comments