Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

IT Applications and Industry-Focused Courses Programming languages such as C, C ++, C #, Java, Visual Basic, Python, web design, computer networks, operating systems compatible with Microsoft curriculum, .NET Technology, SAP and Oracle Compatible Database courses, SAP compatible enterprise resource planning and courses such as Project Management, Electronic Marketing and Sales, Electronic Customer Relations, Electronic Supply Chain, Information Management, Information Technology Ethics, Information Systems Security are also given. The Department of Information Systems and Technologies educates experts who can successfully operate in today’s complex business environments, who are innovative, develop effective, competent and versatile professionals and computer software with its knowledgeoriented approach and interdisciplinary training infrastructure that paves the way for the development of contemporary science and technology. It is aimed to educate individuals who have developed skills of research and problem solving, have creative, objective and analytical thinking skills, design the most appropriate information systems in line with the strategic objectives of the business after analyzing the needs of it, provide communication between managers and informants and have leadership qualities 51% of our students are on a scholarship. Up-to-Date Syllabus with Pioneering Companies of the Industry. IT Applications and Industry-Focused Courses 132 Information Systems and Technologies