Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture The Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture aims to train qualified planners and designers who are needed to overcome the increasing disconnection between nature and human in the rapid urbanization process of the modern world. In this context, the department aims to educate creative individuals who are competent in their profession at national and international levels, open to developments and sensitive to the environment, adopt the principle of sustainability by creating natural and cultural environments, socially, economically and environmentally viable and compatible with nature, solution-oriented, and open to development. Sustainable and Habitable Spaces Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, which deals with the environment as a whole, including design, development, planning and management issues, aims to create living environments for people and other living creatures while preserving ecological relations and cultural values. The studies of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture combine the structural design skills of architecture, scientific principles of engineering, urban planning approach and basic subjects of natural sciences with the aim of creating livable, functional and aesthetic designs 67% of our students are on a scholarship Educational Approach with Sustainability at the Forefront Specialization thanks to the Electives 76