Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Courses on Current Topics Making a Difference In our department, courses on programming languages such as C, C ++, C #, Java, Python, web design, computer networks, Oracle compatible database courses, information systems security, cryptology, penetration tests, network security database security, virtualization and cloud systems and information technology are given. Also, the curriculum of the department is composed with the help of leading specialists of the industry that are in the board of executives of the department from companies such as Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP. The Presidency of the Republic of Turkey announced its notice regarding Information and Communication Security consisting of 21 articles on the Official Journal dated 6 July 2019 and numbered 30823. In this notice, topics covered are the preservation of critical data in a closed and secure network of which physical security is maintained, controlled access and its physical security, usage of national cryptology systems and mobile applications and preservation of recordings against the threat of tampering. It is obvious that a traditional information systems curriculum will not be sufficient for such standards. The Department of Information Security Technology trains graduates who will be able to effectively conduct vulnerability scanning and testing against information security threats to meet the unique needs of cyber security management in the context of cyber technology and who will be able to conduct level-improvement analysis in terms of information security, have experience in network, information and application security, and organize an awareness program that will detect and eliminate threats on security. Career Opportunities Our graduates can work as system security specialist, cyber security specialist, data processing specialist, system and network consultant, system support specialist and programmer in all areas of electronic information, especially in data processing centers and software companies. Ranking 5th among cyber-attack targets globally, our country needs at least 2000 experts with theoretical knowledge and knowledge about cyber security. Considering that the threat of attacks will increase in the coming years, the demand of the market for graduates in this field is expected to increase. 129