Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Development and Disability Application and Research Center The aim of the center is to conduct research in field education (such as mathematics, science, social sciences, language), develop instructional designs and related materials, develop technology-assisted teaching-learning tools, and share the results by participating in the application of the developed designs and materials for individuals with special needs. Ophthalmological Diseases Application and Research Center The aim of the center is to provide the most advanced diagnosis and treatment methods to the public, to carry out the latest scientific research and to provide the necessary facilities for the students attending associate degree, undergraduate and graduate education in the fields of medicine and health sciences to help them become qualified ophthalmologists. Specialization, Application and Research Center Specialization, Application and Research Center, apart from providing the state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment methods in internal, surgical and fundamental health sciences, primarily in blood diseases and cancers, as well as in neurological diseases, as a result of various scientific research; raising qualified medical doctors, and providing necessary opportunities to students in medical and healthcare sciences fields in associate, bachelor’s and graduate degree levels, including specialty and double majors. Confucius Institute Our institute, being one of the four Confucius Institutes in Turkey, continues its courses and training programs with the support of the academic staff of our University and Nankai University, our main partner in the People’s Republic of China. One of the main activities of our institute is the summer camp hosted by Nankai University and organized mutually. The students attending the camp take courses in Chinese language and culture for two weeks and make cultural visits in Tianjin and Beijing. In addition, our students gain new competencies by getting to know the Chinese language and culture more closely. Also, raising awareness about the opportunities available in future planning and career preparation is among the objectives of the institute. Global Education and Cultural Research Application and Research Center It examines various regions from cultural, social, political and economic aspects. It is aimed to examine similar and different aspects of historical and cultural ties with different regions of Turkey in combination with comparative and interdisciplinary analysis. Health Services Education, Application and Research Center The aim of the center is to conduct scientific research in order to provide the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods concerning public health, to provide a modern health service in accordance with the needs and expectations, respecting the rights of patients, and to provide education and applications for undergraduate and graduate students of health sciences and to make academic contribution to associate, undergraduate and graduate education of health sciences students. Lifelong Education Application and Research Center Apart from occupational expertise certificates issued to individuals, education on a wide variety of personal development, computer skills, foreign languages and art fields are provided. Apart from individual and corporate trainings, YUSEM also provides consultancy services. 18