Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Prof. Dr. Berrin YANIKKAYA Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences With all our intellectual richness and variety, the main approach of our faculty is to support and contribute to raising individuals who are able to make connections between theory and application, to approach issues in a critical and in an analytic way by embracing different values, and who are respectful to the world, human beings, nature and science. In this regard, we aim to develop our students, who we raise as academically productive, curious and well-qualified, as contemporary world citizens with a consciousness for history. In this framework, we provide our students the chance to develop an interdisciplinary approach with various scholarships abroad, a wide variety of elective courses and double major-minor opportunities. Aside from various internship and project opportunities, we support our students both in their careers and their academic lives with our extensive list of graduate studies. Aside from our highly specialized, world-renowned academic staff who constantly develop themselves, our young and dynamic academics and our administrative staff, who conduct their jobs with an unmatched passion, are constantly in contact with our students, student candidates and graduates. Yeditepe University Faculty of Arts and Sciences aims to inform and enlighten students and to develop the society by nurturing critical thinking and liberating the creative ability with its research base and education approach as well as an excellent mix of branches. The vision of our faculty is to use all possibilities of information and technology in relevant contents, have a researcher identity, seek solutions to the problems of the country and provide benefits, be well-known and most preferred among the universities in Turkey and the world, follow developments in the world and have a target of continuous development Our faculty offers education and research programs in different disciplines with its distinguished academic staff. While our social, cultural and industrial ties with nongovernmental organizations enrich our program content, interaction and integration with these organizations is maintained dynamically by our teaching staff. Our graduates were given the opportunity to become teachers by the Ministry of National Education and YÖK in 2013 and now they have the opportunity to become teachers if they take the necessary teaching certificate courses. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, whose first priority is to improve the quality of education continuously, also gives importance to program accreditations as a requirement of internationalization. After FEDEK accredited the Philosophy and Physics departments for the second time until 2022; the departments of Anthropology, Translation Studies, Sociology, History, English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Psychology, Turkish Language and Literature have also received 5-year FEDEK accreditation. In addition, the Metrology Laboratory in the Physics Department has been accredited by TÜRKAK in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard. Faculty of Science, Litarture, Science - Literature, Language and History - Geography urriculum Evaluation and Accreditation Association Turkish Accreditation Agency 81