Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Department of History and Yeditepe University provide vast resources to both graduate and undergraduate students in social sciences. A research-based and critical education is preferred. The Department of History also supports its students to have double majors in various disciplines. In this regard, at Yeditepe, having an interdisciplinary education is highly likely for students. History Society, of which I was a part during my undergraduate years, also provides students with a handful of events where they can develop themselves. Mertcan Bacak 4th Year Student Batın Durmaz Alumni Yeditepe University Department of History offers an impartial education based on questioning, research and evidence with its leading academicians who have proven themselves in our country and in the world. Yeditepe University History Department; Along with historiography, it has taken it as a duty to instill in its students the interpretation of the events that have happened, have happened and will happen in World History from a contemporary perspective. Since the training of how to use and how to find research methods and research resources is also given, the curiosity hunger brought by the students’ interest in a certain historical period is well satisfied. The History Society within the department also aims to socialise the students of the department with various activities and to unite those interested. 93 Student Comments