Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

What do we do within the scope of Sustainable Yeditepe? • We establish lasting collaborations with business, civil society, local governments and universities in line with common sustainability objectives. • We carry out training and communication activities with the participation of all internal and external stakeholders in order to transfer Sustainable Development Goals to the society. • We strive for raising awareness about the concept of gender, the roles of women and men in society, and the perception of these roles in society. • We try to integrate environmental management objectives into our daily operations, such as reducing / separating waste, reducing water and energy usage and our carbon emissions accordingly. • We produce our own energy • We reuse the waste water by treating it in our biological treatment facility and use it in irrigation of the green spaces as well as toilets. • We use the organic waste created while budding the plants and mowing the grass by transforming it into compost fertilizers and use it in feeding the plants and developing them, as well as increasing the number of plants and diversity. • We conduct interdisciplinary work platform in the field of sustainable food to ensure access to healthy and safe food for all segments of the society. 33 Yeditepe University: 601-800 SUSTAINABLE YEDITEPE