Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Advertising Design and Communication Agricultural Trade and Management Arts and Culture Management Business Administration Information Systems and Technologies International Finance International Trade and Business Management Information Systems Software Development Tourism Management Real Time Projects and Education Using Software from the Industry The program includes basic notions of business administration such as management, economics, strategy, project management and entrepreneurship, as well as real-time projects that bring together different disciplines such as e-commerce, e-marketing, e-customer management (E-CRM Branded Course with Sales Force), social media marketing, e-brand management, e-commerce law, search engine optimisation (SEO), web design, database management, logistics of e-commerce, e-supply chain management (ERP), smart storage systems and applications on software used in the sector. Career Opportunities With the impact of today’s conjuncture, new generation technologies have led to a rapid digital transformation in the business world. For this reason, many new generation skills and acquisitions stand out in the business world for 2025-2050. With its academic and professional teaching staff, our department educates our students as individuals who adapt quickly to innovations, use new generation technologies, follow trends and renew themselves, have high stress tolerance, cope with uncertainties, produce innovative solutions, are open to collaborative, active and flexible learning strategies. Graduates of the E-Commerce and Management department work in part-time jobs in the main areas of the sector such as informatics, digital marketing, online sales, social media and web content management, logistics of e-commerce, with the education and equipment they receive in English during their studies, and when they graduate, they do not look for a job and evaluate the intense demands from the sector. Our graduates can work in strategic management departments of companies operating in the field of e-commerce in the field of e-business development and process management, web programming, web design, units related to market research and data analysis in e-commerce, product development and product / brand management in e-marketing, E-CRM, digital advertising and promotion departments. They can also become e-commerce entrepreneurs themselves. 185 Double Major Programs