Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

156 Career Opportunities Graduates are able to work in public relations agencies, national and international companies and in marketing, human resources, and corporate communication departments of such enterprises. They can also pursue an academic career with postgraduate studies. In addition, the number of graduates who work in relevant departments of local and national public institutions and non-governmental organizations are increasing on a daily basis. Academic Education Year by Year In our department, our students are equipped with a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge with critical and creative thinking skills to take a step forward in their fields. In the first two years of our academic programme, our students take specialisation courses such as Introduction to Communication, Introduction to Public Relations, Introduction to Marketing, Communication Society and Politics, Design and Regulation in Public Relations, Digital Communication Strategies and Presentation Skills, as well as basic social science courses such as Sustainability, Psychology, Sociology, Art History and Aesthetics. In the third and fourth years of the programme, our students continue to take courses in which they acquire the skills and values that are essential for success in the communication industry. These include courses such as Brand Management and Positioning, Reputation Management, Health Communication, Crisis Management and Communication, Strategy and Campaign Management in Public Relations and Media Planning for Public Relations. In addition, our programme includes internship and practice courses where students have the opportunity to closely experience the practice of the profession. YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR Public Relations and Publicity