Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Yeditepe University Biocidal and R&D Laboratories Founded by the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering and authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Turkey Public Health Institution, the laboratory provides services regarding the chemical, physical and microbiological analysis of Biocidal Products, potency tests, toxicology and irritation testing, stability testing, genotoxicity, cytotoxicity, Biological Activity Trials and virus activity tests. The Unit aims to continuously monitor the scientific and technological developments and improve the infrastructure of the laboratory, the training and service quality of our human resources according to current needs. Yeditepe University Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Medical Device R&D and Analysis Laboratory (YÜEF-İKTAL) It provides services to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical device industries in the field of preclinical research and studies. Accredited until 2027 by TÜRKAK, the laboratory carries out in vivo and in vitro toxicology tests (acute toxicity, repeated dose toxicity, mutagenicity, genotoxicity, genotoxicity, irritation, sensitivity) and pharmacological tests required during the research and development phase for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices. The facilities of Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine Experimental Medicine Research Centre (YÜDETAM) are used for research. Yeditepe University Physics Department Metrology and Calibration Laboratory (YÜKAL) It continues its activities in order to achieve world standards in calibration applications and education, to become a strong brand, to provide industrial services to developed and developing countries, to perform national and international, inter-laboratory comparison measurements, to expand the scope of metrology trainings required by our country and to contribute to the development of scientific metrology. Yeditepe University Tissue Typing Laboratory Tissue Typing Laboratory has been providing services to Yeditepe University Hospitals based on the license issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health and organ transplant centers from outside the institution since 2013. The laboratory, which serves for kidney, liver, bone marrow and stem cell transplantation carried out in our hospital and has EN ISO 15189 accreditation, and is equipped with modern laboratory systems. Stem Cell Excellence Center It was founded with the support of Istanbul Development Agency to realize important projects in the field of stem cell and gene therapy. At the center, research, development and application of clinical protocols for the treatment of cancer, neurodegenerative, muscle and bone diseases, infertility or other physiological diseases due to aging, as well as the development and production of cell and gene treatment protocols, and application of materials in cell and tissue engineering fields care are carried out. 21