Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

120 Apart from the introduction to translation for two terms, the first year is mostly focused on developing language skills. Also, our students gain knowledge about the terminology of their future fields by lessons given by different departments of our university such as Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Economy or Contemporary Political Discourses. In parallel with the first year’s lessons, translation studies in various fields such as Political Sciences and European Union, Economics and Business Administration, Press, Media and Communication, Medicine, Law, World Literature, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences. Apart from the aforementioned, students can also choose among many other elective lessons provided such as Translation of Texts of Art and Art History, Intersemiotic Translation, Verbal Law Translation and Introduction to Simultaneous translation. For our students to gain experience, there is a 20-day long, mandatory internship period. In third and fourth grades, studies regarding various fields of translation as well as lessons about translation Technologies continue. Also, there are lessons regarding the history of translation and translation theories. Besides, students have to start learning a third foreign language by the third year and are required to complete four courses in their chosen language. YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR Academic Education Year by Year Apart from field electives and free electives, our students also take Russian – Turkish translation courses and gain experience in Russian translation. Students who succeed in verbal translation proficiency exam are allowed to take simultaneous interpretation lessons in the fourth grade. Translation Studies