Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Prof. Dr. Bekir Tevfik AKGÜN Dean of the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences The dynamics of today’s business world are experiencing rapid change and transformation on a global scale. Informatics products have become indispensable not only in the business world but also in every moment of human life. As the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences; we closely monitor current technologies in every field where data is electronically generated, stored, processed as information, transported, protected, consumed and transformed into applications. We continue to renew our programmes and expand our range of courses in order to train qualified IT human resources with sought-after, desired and upto-date knowledge and skills. We support our programme contents not only on theoretical basis, but also with practical sectoral collaborations, internships and laboratory trainings including modular systems. While developing our faculty with programmes and competent staff that will shape the future of education, we are working with all our strength to ensure that our students become business people who have the competencies to meet the needs of the world and Turkish economy after graduation. Yeditepe University Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences aims to educate foresighted, innovative, creative and competent individuals who will lead change rather than adapt to environmental change. Our faculty creates unique areas of expertise required by the labor market by enriching the traditional approach with sectoral cooperation. Our faculty, which offers education at international standards with its contemporary education programmes and practices, also offers internship opportunities to its students, enabling them to transform the theoretical knowledge they have learned into practice and prepare them for business life in a privileged way. In line with the importance that our faculty attaches to practice, theoretical courses are given by academicians who are competent in their fields, and practical courses are given by experts from the sector who have made a name in their fields. In the course plans of our departments, the core courses that form the basis of knowledge and practice in software development and informatics are common to all departments. Each department develops its own expertise on the solid infrastructure of expert software developers and informaticians. 127