Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Yeditepe University Anthropology Department breaks the conventional, onesided education approach with the education it provides. It adopts an approach that priorities the student by valuing the student’s ideas and participation. In addition to the theoretical and methodological education it provides, it offers you the opportunity to practice your skills such as literature review, accurate reading, field research, asking questions, critical approach, academic writing and presentation throughout your education life. In this way, you feel that you are developing yourself and your skills as an individual as well as academic equipment. Above all, it gives you a deep anthropological perspective and enables you to adopt it not only in your professional life but also in every aspect of your life. Yeditepe University Anthropology department enables students to examine the human factor in an eclectic way in all kinds of fields with fieldwork, literature research and theoretical teachings. Yeditepe University’s academic staff provides Anthropology students with a solid cultural/social science background for multidisciplinary studies. Likewise, students have the opportunity to develop themselves as competent scientists thanks to double major, minor and international student exchange programmes. Yeditepe University provides an international knowledge through its courses and materials in English, giving students the chance to follow modern Anthropological theories and debates around the world. Therefore, Yeditepe University Department of Anthropology educates not only Anthropology graduates, but also competent scientists, researchers who ask questions with a sense of scientific curiosity, and multidisciplinary academics. Berke Aytan 4th Year Student Çağla Karaköylü Alumni 85 Student Comments