Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

As Yeditepe University School of Foreign Languages, in accordance with our University’s focus on language acquisition as well as vocational competencies, we offer you advanced academic English lessons once you start your education in your respective faculties. Our aim is to equip you with better language skills with reading and writing-focused learning events in order for you to develop your occupational qualifications and research capabilities. With the aim of graduating students with multiple foreign languages acquired, we pay great attention to teaching other foreign languages apart from English. As we know that a secondary or a third language will take you another step forward in your career, and in accordance with the requests of faculties and departments, we offer selective or mandatory German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Korean courses. To our students who have completed all four levels of our courses we offer them a certificate at their graduation. In addition to these languages, we also offer Turkish Language and Culture for Foreigners courses for foreign nationals and students studying at our university within the framework of the Erasmus exchange programme. We see that the academic and cultural content in these courses creates gains for foreign students both in the education process and in daily life. School of Foreign Languages 43