Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Interior Architecture The Department of Interior Architecture teaches designing functional, comfortable, healthy, healthy, appealing to all senses and universal design principles, which can determine the space requirements with environmental and user-specific analyses. It aims to educate interior architects who have strong knowledge of materials, structure and technique, have high two and three dimensional presentation and expression skills, follow and apply current approaches in design, question, adopt interdisciplinary teamwork, are aware of professional ethics, have high aesthetic and originality concerns, are principled and prudent. The curriculum of our department provides students with the ability to produce creative and original ideas, to approach critically, and to use presentation and expression techniques effectively. It provides the ability to reach correct and sound detail solutions by using structural and technical knowledge, to understand and make sense of history, art and the concept of space from the past to the present, and to develop original, economical, user and environmentally sensitive solutions to design problems at various scales. 50% of our students are on a scholarship Interdisciplinary and innovative curriculum 72