Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

21st Century started a period in which needs have changed and technology is shaping the world. Yet, one thing that remained constant is the need for a media that produces true news. Working for the public benefit and putting ethical and humanistic values as its main objective, journalism needs skilled and experienced professionals who can respond to that need more than ever. The Department of Journalism aims to educate journalists and media professionals who are capable of fulfilling this mission, respectful, have foresight and professional competence, who can use their talents correctly and responsibly and who prioritize human values. Experience through Application Productions Starting from their Prep School year, our students take responsibilities in our publications in Yeditepe News Agency, working with a multi-dimensional agency, and start their practical applications in a mentoring program. Our publications, Yeditepe Post journal and Gazete Yeditepe, that started their publications in the year of 2000, are important representatives of our mentoring program. Aside from these, in news website and 150 Journalism 57% of our students are on scholarship. Experience through Application Productions Focus Certificate Program