Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

130 Introduction to Informatics, System Analysis and Algorithms, Python, Introduction to Cyber Security, Numerical Analysis courses are given. Introduction to Databases and Advanced Level, Structural and Object Oriented Programming, Web Design, Cryptology, Penetration Testing, Probability and two free electives are given. Operating Systems and Security, Wired and Wireless Networks, Database Security, Web and Network Programming, internship, two field elective courses are given. At the end of this year, students are required to complete 40 work days of internship. Computer Organization, Artificial Intelligence, Data Communication Systems and Security, Information Systems Security, Virtualization and Cloud Information Systems, Cyber Crimes and Guidelines, Advanced Networking Applications, dissertation project and two field elective courses are given. Academic Education Year by Year Area elective courses include: Web and social networks, security, programming of mobile devices, the Internet of Things and decision support systems. Our department is in academic collaboration with Management Information Systems, Electronic Commerce and Management and Computer Engineering departments in terms of joint courses and laboratory facilities. Information Security Technology YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR