Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Our department, with its academic staff and up-to-date curriculum, prepares its students for the business world to work in global companies. Providing the necessary equipment during our education and training process so that we can quickly adapt to the changing conditions in today’s business world allows us to start our careers one step ahead. Our department has provided me with all the competences required for both academic and professional business life during my student period, and for this reason, I feel very lucky now. In addition to these; I had the chance to be more active during this period with the voluntary student assistant department and faculty representative. Yeditepe University Department of Business Administration provides its students with a rich curriculum that includes the current trends and the latest technological developments of the business world through experienced faculty members, ensuring that students are ready for the business world. In addition to the education received in the field of business administration, we can gain a global perspective by being equipped in different fields thanks to our department, which offers the opportunity to participate in double major and minor programmes with many different departments where we can complement our interests and offers extensive Erasmus opportunities. In addition, compulsory internships in corporate companies enable us to transform what we have learnt into experience and take firm steps towards our career goals as wellequipped individuals who can think globally and lead in the business world. Selin Çetin 4th Year Student Duygu Akçay Alumni 183 Student Comments