Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Why are we here? • To listen and understand… • To have you experience the trust of knowing that you are not alone by overcoming difficulties together… • To enable you to be a team member and have the pleasure of asking for and providing help… • To make being a university student easier… • To make your university experience unique… • To support your journey of learning to learn… • To enable you discover your talents and develop your discoveries… • To help you define your goals, redefine them if necessary and encourage you to star over… • To tell you that imagination and a willingness to discover is as important as working hard… • To show you that career is only meaningful when it has a mark of your personality on it and when it becomes one with the aim of leaving a meaningful mark… • To help you understand life better and discover your potential… • To enable you to develop your self-expression and combine it with a culture of meeting in the middle ground… • In order not to forget having fun while planning and developing together… • To enable you to see the beauties of our country and discuss how we can preserve it and the world in general… • To help you understand that being artistically literate is a unique universal language acquisition… • To help you understand that the only irreplaceable wealth is time and it is manageable… • To help you understand that being and staying healthy is the most important asset we have in the race against time… • To help you discover that sports not only develop our muscles, but our whole identity in that race… • For you to have the pride of being a Yeditepe member and feel that we are with you in every step of your career… • For you to say “Thankfully I am here”… 55