Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Increased use of the internet due to rapid development and widespread use of information technologies; distributed computing and data storage techniques that benefit from these capabilities, and the network, data and application security required by it, have become increasingly important. The fact that security has become an ordinary and indispensable part of life on a public, private and personal scale has created a new global dimension called cyberspace. This technological revolution has led to the transformation of societies and the emergence of a “network society”, which is formed by new relationships occurring around computer networks. As the Internet became an integral part of social and economic life, innovations such as virtualization and cloud computing have led the business world to remain indifferent to this major change in the field of information and communication and to cause institutions move their services to the cyber universe. As the number of Internet users increases, the emergence of the so-called “Information Security” problems causes countries to create their own information systems and critical infrastructure with information technology infrastructure. Countries have developed and implemented standards, policies and strategies to protect their cyber-domain-dependent systems from information security threats. Courses on Current Topics Making a Difference Alumni Educated in accordance with the Needs of the Industry 128 Information Security Technology