Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

Industrial Design The Department of Industrial Design educates talented designers who are able to transform innovation and the source of inventions into the products required for future life, who are equipped with design and production knowledge, who can understand the problems of the world and country industry in the science and art environment, and realize high value-added designs. Industrial Design, which focuses on durable consumer goods as well as investment products automotive, furniture, packaging and many other industries, is a natural extension of its academic tradition and the representative of the classical education school based on talent, and it also has a perception considering the science, technology, art and innovative trends of the age. Projects with University – Industry Collaborations Our department adopting an application oriented approach that emphasizes creativity, raises the students as the individuals who are apt to work in more experienced, interdisciplinary and professional ways within the framework of university-industry cooperation of local, national and international companies from various sectors. Also, our students have the opportunities for working and having internships from companies in different industries due to our university – industry collaborations. 53% of our students are on a scholarship. University – Industry Collaborations Workshops Equipped with Latest Technology 68