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Throughout my time in the department, I realized multiple times how accurate my choice of journalism was. At this point, I felt the contributions and support of my department professors and industry professionals to the fullest extent. I embarked on my journalism journey as a student in my department and left as a journalist. Until I graduated from the first year, I had the opportunity to meet and develop myself with distinguished and valuable figures who had experience in the media, press, broadcasting, and journalism industries. All of these provided me with a significant advantage and served as a network when starting my profession. The presence of many important figures from the industry teaching in our department played a significant role in my decision to choose Yeditepe University. Various practical journalism courses in our curriculum provided me with the opportunity to familiarize myself with the industry before even graduating. In addition to the practical courses within the department, various journalism workshops and the department’s practical news website, news agency, YouTube channel, and podcast broadcasts gave me a sort of opportunity to engage in the journalism profession while still a student. Starting from the second year, the internal internships, summer internships, and mandatory internship programs I participated in helped me prepare for the industry and gain experience. Büşra Tosun 4th Year Student Semir Demirhan Alumni 153 Student Comments