Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

The foundation of Yeditepe University’s success is the importance it attaches to research and the use of scientific achievements for the benefit of society. Accordingly, innovative ideas produced by our distinguished academics together with our students are supported by our research centers and over 500 laboratories with advanced infrastructure. As a result of these studies, our university is among the leading universities of our country with both national and international 219 registered patents and 537 patent applications. Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence Application and Research Center By conducting theoretical and applied scientific efforts within our university in the fields of information technologies and artificial intelligence, and within the framework of the needs of the headquarters or the stakeholders, conducts seminars and trainings, as well as developing projects. Dentistry Training, Application and Research Center It meets the expectations of the patients by focusing on continuous development of oral and dental health services, education, research, patient services and national oral and dental health policies, preserving an environment with a human-oriented approach and diversity and keeping patient and employee safety at the forefront. Pharmacoeconomic and Pharmacoepidermiological Research and Application Center Under the coordination of the Faculty of Pharmacy, it conducts pharmacoeconomic and pharmacoepidemiological research in cooperation with universities, industry, government and non-governmental organizations. Traditional and Complementary Medicine Application and Research Center Servicing as a department within Yeditepe University Hospitals with the principle of providing natural medical support to those who apply to the clinic, the center conducts multidisciplinary efforts with the doctors of other departments of the hospital. The service is provided for all diseases that have been deemed as “treatable with Acupuncture” by World Health Organization. 17 RESEARCH CENTERS