Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

92 Introduction to History is provided with courses such as Introduction to Ottoman Turkish Language, History of Pre-Islamic Era Turks, First Islamic Turkish States, Philosophy of History and Historiography, History of Civilization, Ottoman Turkish Historical Texts, Byzantine History, Medieval European History and Seljuk History. The science of history is covered in detail by lessons such as Turkish Seljuk Empire and The Era of Principalities, Eastern European Turkish History, Paleography and Turkish Language. Apart from Ottoman Socio-Economic History, Ottoman history, Middle Asia Turkish History between 16th and 20th Centuries and Middle Eastern History, elective courses such as Ottoman Diplomacy History, Balkan History, Modern Art and Architecture History in Turkey, History of the Age of Discovery and Colonialism, Middle East in Present Day, History of İstanbul and Russian History are available to students. YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR Academic Education Year by Year Apart from courses such as History of Iran Turkish States, Turkish Epics and Myths, History of Turkish Republic, History of Contemporary Turkish World, Foreign Policies of Turkey in Republican Era and History of Middle East, elective courses such as 20th Century World History, Relationships between Turkey and Turkic Republic, Comparative History of Eastern and Western Relationships, History of Ottoman Era Diplomacy and Woman in Turkish History are available for students. History