Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

138 Career Opportunities After identifying the requirements through business analysis, our graduates can design the most appropriate information systems in line with the strategic goals of the enterprise and, if necessary, establish expert staff with the leadership skills in developing and providing communication between operators and informants. In addition, they can contribute to the e-business, social media and similar needs of enterprises by providing the integration of internet technologies and corporate processes. They can work as business analysts, system analysts, data analysts, corporate resource planning software specialists, business intelligence specialists, organization, e-commerce and project manager in companies of every sector, especially those providing IT services. The US Ministry of Labor has foreseen new job opportunities available in the IT sector. Today, Software Developers, Web Designers, Database Managers, Project Managers and Application Developers are the most sought-after professionals. In the 18 months following graduation, 93% of the graduates of the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology Sciences can find jobs in their own sector and 99% of the graduates of the Management Information Systems Department work in their own sector in their first year of graduation. Management Information Systems Introduction to Informatics, System Analysis and Algorithms, Python and Web Design courses are given. Information Analysis and System Design, Introduction to Database and Advanced Level, Structural Programming, Introduction to Computer Networks and Management Information Systems are given. Object Oriented Programming, E-Business, Advanced Web Design and Programming, internship, three fields and two free electives are taken. Ethics, Project Management, Corporate Information Systems, Security, Graduation Project and four elective courses are given. Academic Education Year by Year YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR