Yeditepe University Brochure - 2023 - 2024

The Department of Philosophy at Yeditepe University provides students with an important competence in the history of philosophy by dealing with the basic philosophical texts in the compulsory courses in the curriculum in a direct manner, taking into account the language in which the texts were written. On the other hand, the elective courses allow students to develop themselves in different fields and to focus on the subjects they are interested in. The Latin and Ancient Greek courses in the programme also contribute to a closer relationship with the texts. Secondly, the constructive attitude of the academics in the department towards the students helps to overcome the difficulties that may be encountered in undergraduate education. In this context, the Department of Philosophy at Yeditepe University provides students with a command of a literature that is difficult to access before their undergraduate education, while at the same time offering an undergraduate life that will be remembered with good feelings. Mehmet Emin Başaran 4th Year Student Denizalp Şimşek Alumni Yeditepe Philosophy provides a free space for people to draw their own paths in the universe by trying new things and taking different paths, and prepares the ground for the formation of their own thoughts. After trying to understand the world with other eyes or understandings, it opens the door for us to try to understand it with our own eyes and understanding. Besides all these, it creates a very solid language and reasoning infrastructure for those who want to work in a field other than philosophy. It shows the necessity and value of looking at things with a critical eye and making judgements after questioning “what is there and what is not?” on the basis of what one encounters and the conclusions drawn from it, instead of making a hasty and definite decision about what one encounters. Thus, it makes one feel how both denial and affirmation can be meaningful and beautiful in life. 101 Student Comments